I guess it's about time to log my longest run ever on Mirori-HP. Last month, a friend invited me to a trail run, and we hit the mountains. That turned out to be the longest run of my life.


A Leisurely Run with a Detour to a Shrine in the Mountains

To protect my privacy, I'm covering up my face with the Golden Mask from ELDEN RING.

Jogging along paths like this.

These are shrines deep in the mountains. I love these shrines that you can't get to without a bit of effort.


The Final Descent That Nearly Broke Me

And this is the descent that almost destroyed my legs. This downhill stretch was just over 6km. My knees kept screaming throughout, but by squatting every 200 meters, I managed to reach the base without damaging my tendons. However, I hurt the top of my foot and was forced to take a three-week break from running starting that day.

So honestly, I didn't really feel like I "ran 28km." It was more like "got lost in the mountains and somehow made it to the bottom, totally wrecked"...